Our column focuses on treatments that help our clients enhance their beauty and feel more confident about themselves. Treatments such as HydraFacials, Facials, waxing, threading, etc. improve the appearance of one’s skin based on their preferences. Repetitive treatments are used to maintain a beautiful appearance.
Throughout all treatments, you will be guided by experts so that you receive the best results possible. Our dermatologists and experts have an open forum with our clients so that their treatment is tailored to them and individualized according to their needs.

What we offer at Binishaz

Binishaz Aesthetics offers its family with these treatments in the proper guidance of trained dermatologists. Check them out!

Hydra Facials

The HydroFacial facial treatment uses a patented device to exfoliate, cleanse, extract, and hydrate the face. This system cleanses and soothes your skin with a vortex swirling action designed to hydrate, exfoliate, and remove dead skin, dirt, debris, and impurities. Today, hydrafacials are among the most effective, non-invasive skin resurfacing therapies.


A The purpose of a facial is to clean pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, hydrate and moisturize the skin, and treat common skin concerns with a custom regime. Spa goers prefer facial treatments to other treatments. Treatments for the face entail steaming, exfoliating, and extraction.


An individual may wax to remove hair from the root by applying a cover of a sticky substance, such as wax, to adhere to body hair, and then removing this cover to pull out the hair. The best benefit of waxing is that it makes your skin feel smooth and even. Waxing not only removes unwanted hair, but also removes dry and dead skin cells. There is no cutting involved.


To thread, you double a cotton thread and twist it so that the figure 8 is apparent. Once it has been rolled over areas of unwanted hair, it plucks the hair from the follicle. Threading is similar to tweezing, except tweezing only removes individual hairs, whereas threading can remove short rows of hair, so it is faster. If your hair grows faster than mine, you may want to wait until after two weeks before you thread.


A semi-permanent dye is applied to your eyebrows to enhance, shape, and define them. Thus, it produces a fuller front and a longer brow line (brow tail). Alternatively, one may contribute that the tint is made from semi-permanent dyes such as vegetable dyes or henna and is mixed according to your existing color. Professional eyebrow tints typically last four to six weeks.


A skin lightening, or skin bleaching, procedure involves lightening dark patches of skin or generally achieving a paler hue. In most cases, the procedure is used to reduce the visibility of birthmarks and dark spots (melasma). How skin bleaching works. In bleached skin, melanin production or concentration is reduced. Hydroquinone, for example, causes a decrease in melanocytes when applied to the skin.

Eyelash Extensions

To make your lash fringe look longer, fuller, and darker, eyelash extensions are attached to your natural lashes in order to create a semi-permanent fringe. An individual lash extension (one extension per natural lash) is applied with a semi-permanent adhesive to each of your individual natural eyelashes. As long as they are applied correctly, eyelash extensions will not damage natural lashes. The extensions simply extend your natural lashes.

Brow lamination

Having your eyebrows laminated gives them a fuller, more even appearance. Keeping them in place can also help keep your makeup from slipping off. A nourishing oil is used as the final step to protect against skin irritation and hair dryness caused by the chemical treatments used during the perm. By laminating your eyebrows, you give them a set, uniform shape for an extended period of time.

LVL Lashes

A LVL treatment simply involves straightening the root of your natural lashes using a setting serum, then tinting your lashes to make them appear curled. A lash treatment brought to you by Nouveau Lashes, LVL lashes give you gorgeous, natural-looking lashes with a premium lash lift and tint. Your lashes will be straightened from the root to give them a voluminous, uber-curled appearance with a special serum.

Party make up

The term “party makeup” refers to any amount of makeup performed on a client. It may be a birthday party for your child, a wedding for a friend, a bachelor party for a friend etc. The makeup must be simple and light. Make sure you use your normal tinted moisturizer/foundation. Evening makeup can vary depending on the person.

What we offer at Binishaz

Binishaz Aesthetics offers its family with these treatments in the proper guidance of trained dermatologists. Check them out!

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