Chemically straightening your hair for up to six months with keratin treatment, also known as a Brazilian blowout or Brazilian keratin treatment, is done in a salon. In addition to adding shine, it can also reduce frizz. You are first required to wash your hair, then have your hair brushed with the treatment where it will remain for 30 minutes. Blowing out the hair first and applying the treatment to dry hair is a common method for hair stylists. To seal in the treatment, they will then flat iron the hair in small sections. Take a book or some quiet time to pass the time! The process can take several hours. We have hired experts to take care of the treatment for the optimum results.


Depending on your hair length and density, hair texture, and the treatment formula being used, the treatment itself can take as long as four hours.


Every three months one has to take the treatment to maintain the look.




It comes back to normal within in 3 months.




Not Applicable


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Hair Treatment

Hair services within this category include Hair Cuts, Hair Colors, Hair Highlights, and Olaplex Deep Conditioning. Providing the best advice based on years of experience, Binishaz nurtures and cares for clients’ hair.


  • Prior to the treatment, the hair is thoroughly washed and clarified to remove any debris. Next, sections of hair are painted with the keratin solution, thoroughly dried, and then ironed into place to bond and seal. This takes an average of 90 minutes.
  • Your hair is lathered up as we massage the shampoo into it. Once you’ve waited three to five minutes, rinse it thoroughly. Follow up with another application of shampoo. Make sure you rinse out the shampoo completely. Avoid using a hair mask or conditioner.
  • Make sure your hair is completely dry by blow-drying it. Blow-dry your hair on a medium setting while running your hands through it. If your product’s directions specify otherwise, ensure that your hair is completely dry before applying it.
  • Make a dividing line in the middle of your hair with a hair pick or comb. If you have a lot of hair, cut it into four to eight sections. Throughout the process, make sure the sections are clipped tightly so they remain in place.
  • Use a small amount of the treatment product on a section of your hair, increasing the amount each time until the hair is coated, but not oversaturated. Work the product into each section, from the roots to the ends, by using a fine-tooth comb or hair coloring brush.
  • Removing your hair cap and clips is a good idea. The product shouldn’t be rinsed unless it’s suggested by the instructions. Let the product dry as you blow dry your hair. Your blow dryer should have either a hot or a cold setting, depending on the product’s recommendation.
  • Use hair clips or elastics instead of ponytail holders, if possible. Make sure your hair is not tucked behind your ears. Keeping your hair out of your face is easy if you use a fabric bandanna.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Keratin Your Questions Answered

Indeed.  If your scalp and hair are healthy enough to receive professional salon services, keratin treatments can be applied to hair that has previously been relaxed or straightened.

Not at all.  Keratin treatments are very different from relaxers.   The keratin formulas we use are mild, use low pH (acidic) products to prevent hair shaft swell and softening as well as breaking the natural disulfide bonds of the hair like high pH (alkaline) relaxers and straighteners do.   The keratin treatment does not work like relaxers or straighteners because it is not permanent. Your hair will be smoothed for a few months, and then it will return to its pretreatment state.

You will have to wait between 2 and 3 weeks before coloring your hair if your stylist is using the Original, Chocolate, or Advanced Keratin formulas. Hair can be colored at any time when using the Soft Treatment or Soft Chocolate Treatment.

Over highlighted hair, you can receive a keratin treatment as long as your hair and scalp are healthy.

Definitely.  Treatment on previously colored or chemically treated hair will not last as long.

Our hair salon in Naples offers different types of keratin treatments.   To allow the keratin formula to be fully absorbed by the hair cuticle, you must wait for four days following the original Marcia Teixeira treatment.

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