A column dedicated to the treatments that help you to enhance your beauty and feel confident about yourself. Our services include haircuts, hair colors, hair highlights, Keratin treatments, permanent and temporary straightening, etc. which affect hair growth and can enhance one’s appearance based on personal preference. Clients have the ability to customize their hair cuts here, along with the perfect guidance from our experts.
Our expert staff will guide you through every treatment so that you achieve the best results without damaging your hair. In order to prevent long-term damage to your hair, we take care of it during treatment.

What we offer at Binishaz

Binishaz Aesthetics offers its family with these treatments in the proper guidance of trained dermatologists. Check them out!

Hair Cut

 Short, semi-long, medium, or long back and sides are featured, as well as long or deconstructed sides. Today, boys and men alike are wearing this hairstyle. The specific taper for the back and sides has been interpreted in various ways nationally, regionally, and locally, making it known by other names, such as taper cut, regular taper cut, side-parts, and standard haircuts; and short back and sides, businessman cut, and professional styles.

Hair Highlight

Changing a person’s hair color by using a lightener on hair color to brighten hair strands is known as highlighting or low lighting. A highlight can be either foil, hair painting, frosted, or chunked. It doesn’t matter what color you choose for your highlights, as long as they are lighter in tone than the surrounding hair. Lightened hair that has been bleached or colored permanently will remain that way until new growth appears.

Olaplex Deep conditioning

Olaplex is a bit of a mystery; it’s become a household name among salon-goers, but it’s a product so prevalent that so few people seem to know what it does and why so many salon professionals use it. Using Olaplex can help restore compromised hair, or it can be added to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance, according to the company’s website.

Hair Keratin

Chemically straightening your hair for up to six months with keratin treatment, also known as a  Brazilian keratin treatment, is done in a salon. In addition to adding shine, it can also reduce frizz. You are first required to wash your hair, then have your hair brushed with the treatment where it will remain for 30 minutes. Blowing out the hair first and applying the treatment to dry hair is a common method for hair stylists.

Hair Smoothening​

In a hair smoothing procedure, a formaldehyde solution is used to saturate the hair. Using a heating iron, they are straightened by saturating the hair, drying it out, and sticking it straight. To use formaldehyde requires expert supervision because it is a lethal concoction. Hair smoothing does not alter the structure of the hair drastically as opposed to hair straightening.

Permanent / Temporary Straightening

You may find that their hair is curly, wavy, or almost straight. It is possible to straighten curly hair if it is very curly. This can be done temporarily or permanently. When you straighten your hair temporarily, it will stay straight for up to a few days before becoming damp again. With hot irons and hot combs, temporary straightening can be achieved.

Hair Styling (Party look)

Hairstyles, hairdos, haircuts, and coiffures are all terms referring to styling of hair, usually on the head. This may also include the trimming of facial and body hair. A person’s hairstyle can be considered part of their personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, while practical, cultural, and popular factors are also important. Here is all about haircut in brief, and we offer hair styling options to both men and women and styles to suit themselves.

Hair Colour

A hair colourist or hair dryer changes a person’s hair color. There are a number of reasons for this, including covering gray hair, changing color to make it more fashionable or desirable, or restoring the original color after it has been discolored through sun bleaching or hairdressing processes. Demonstration colors contain an alkaline agent (e.g. ethanolamine, sodium carbonate), rather than ammonia, and, while always applied with a developer, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the developer may be lower than in permanent colors.

What we offer at Binishaz

Binishaz Aesthetics offers its family with these treatments in the proper guidance of trained dermatologists. Check them out!

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