A The term “party makeup” refers to any amount of makeup performed on a client. It may be a birthday party for your child, a wedding for a friend, a bachelor party for a friend etc. The makeup must be simple and light. Make sure you use your normal tinted moisturizer/foundation. Evening makeup can vary depending on the person. Some people go heavier, more opaque, or more matte, while others go with whatever foundation looks best on their skin. Casual clothes are jeans and a shirt. Dress in a dress, slacks, a tie, or a fancy shirt or blouse for a formal event. Avoid becoming overheated by wearing lighter fabrics when it’s warm outside.


It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete the procedure.









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Beauty Treatment

Binishaz offers a variety of beauty treatments aimed at enhancing your beauty, allowing you to glow from inside out with confidence and grace. This segment covers threading, tinting, bleaching, and more.


  • Your face will be washed and any excess oils or dirt will be removed before applying makeup. With a gentle cleanser and warm water, wash your face and pat it dry. Before you wash your face, remove any makeup you have on from the day before you attend a party at night.
  • Your face needs to be moisturized. Using a moisturizer before makeup is important because it restores your face’s natural oils and prevents it from drying out or becoming flaky. For clogged pores, choose a moisturizer that is oil-free and noncomedogenic for your skin type. Blend a quarter-sized drop of moisturizer into your face.
  • Your primer helps your makeup last longer by going on before the rest of it. Primer will prevent you from having to constantly reapply your makeup if you are up late or going to a party with a lot of dancing.
  • Use a foam sponge, your fingers, or a foundation brush to blend your foundation into your skin after your primer has dried. Make sure you choose a foundation that is suitable for your skin type and color.
  • Disguise dark circles or blemishes. You should use a concealer that also matches the color of your skin on your blemishes. Use your middle finger to blend it in. Blend gently, not too hard, or you may create redness or even remove the concealer.
  • As well as helping your makeup last, powder keeps your face from looking oily. Apply loose powder to your brush and pat it onto your face. After gently sweeping the powder over your face, make small swirls with the brush to blend it in.
  • Use a bronzer one to two shades darker than your skin tone to give your face a bit of color and contouring. You can also sweep your brush across your face and create a three, starting from your forehead and going to your cheeks, then ending at your chin.
  • Utilize an eyebrow brush to blend a light, neutral eyeshadow into the crease of your upper eyelid. For a little extra shine, apply a light, shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes, such as cream or white.
  • It can be worn instead of or in addition to your under eye eyeliner. From your outer corner to your inner corner, apply a thin line of eyeshadow with a medium shadow (not white, but not gray).
  • Your eye makeup should be completed with a mascara that matches your hair color. You should also wear lipstick that matches your skin tone.

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