To thread, you double a cotton thread and twist it so that the figure 8 is apparent. Once it has been rolled over areas of unwanted hair, it plucks the hair from the follicle. Threading is similar to tweezing, except tweezing only removes individual hairs, whereas threading can remove short rows of hair, so it is faster. If your hair grows faster than mine, you may want to wait until after two weeks before you thread. Generally, threading lasts as long as waxing (2-5 weeks). If you’re extremely busy, you might forget to go. Depending on the hair type, full regrowth occurs between two and six weeks after eyebrow threading. After a few threading sessions, you may notice that the hair grows back thinner and sparser. 


It takes 15 to 20 minutes.


It needs to be one every 1-2 weeks.




It comes back to normal in 1-2 weeks.





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Binishaz offers a variety of beauty treatments aimed at enhancing your beauty, allowing you to glow from inside out with confidence and grace. This segment covers threading, tinting, bleaching, and more.


  • Having trimmed your eyebrows, you should draw an outline of the shape you want. Beginning at the inner corner of your brow, draw the outline in sweeping motions outwards.
  • Threading your eyebrows for the first time is crucial, so do not skip this step. Brush your eyebrow hair upwards using an eyebrow brush. With an eyebrow brush, hold the section in place while trimming the ends of the longer hairs with eyebrow scissors. If any long hairs arise from underneath the brush, you can trim them again after comb the hair downwards.
  • While trimming, make sure not to overdo it. Then brush the hair in place after you have finished trimming your eyebrows. You should have neat, clean eyebrows after trimming them.
  • In addition to giving your eyebrows a neater, fuller appearance, trimming will allow you to thread them more easily.
  • Tie the two ends of the thread together to create a loop. Trim off the loose ends so that you have a neat loop and make sure the knot is tight.
  • Put one thumb and forefinger on one side of the loop and the other in between the thread on the other side. While keeping your other hand still, twist the thread about 4-5 times with one hand.
  • It will be easier to move the twisted section side to side if you open and close the distance between your thumb and forefinger on either side of the twisted section. Move the twist by opening one hand and closing the other.
  • When you have finished threading your eyebrows, your skin may feel a little irritated and red. As a remedy for this and to prevent infection, ice packs wrapped in cloth or aloe vera can be applied to your eyebrows.

Threading Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

Threading Your Questions Answered

Hair thickness and eyebrow shape will determine the thickness of your eyebrows. It will take approximately five to ten minutes.

Generally, it takes approximately two to three weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

We always ask our clients what they want done with their eyebrow shape before I begin Threading them. We will take out only what my clients want. There is a different approach to eyebrow shaping for everyone, and we will never tweeze an eyebrow hair without their permission.

In addition to being faster and taking out several hairs at a time, threading is less painful due to your skin becoming accustomed to the procedure the more often you get it. Each person has a different tolerance level. Some may feel a slight pinch from the needle. It is, however, less painful than using tweezers.

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