A semi-permanent dye is applied to your eyebrows to enhance, shape, and define them. Thus, it produces a fuller front and a longer brow line (brow tail). Alternatively, one may contribute that the tint is made from semi-permanent dyes such as vegetable dyes or henna and is mixed according to your existing color. Professional eyebrow tints typically last four to six weeks.  If you are going to tint your eyebrows incorrectly, you should not worry about the color right away. Due to the natural oils in the skin and regular bathing and cleansing, eyebrow dye fades within the first week. After you’ve completed the process with eyebrow dye, your brows will look like they’ve been filled in. 


It takes 1-5 minutes for the procedure.


It needs to be done again in 3-6 weeks.


It might cause some risks like eye redness, extreme itchiness, permanently irritated eye, and scaliness.


It lasts for three to six weeks





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  • It’s time to prepare your lashes now that your kit is ready. To remove makeup or excess oil from your eyelids, use a makeup wipe or cloth.
  • Apply petroleum jelly to your brow bone by using your cotton tip above the lash line. The protective layer prevents dye from staining your skin. Glossy black lashes are ideal, but stray smears aren’t. As close as possible to the lower lashline, place the eye patches beneath the eyes.
  • Assemble the blending palette in the bowl, using the mini wand to blend until you achieve a creamy paste-like consistency. Tinting isn’t much different from applying mascara (with the slight added pressure of the fact that the mascara stays on for at least a month, so take your time).
  • It would be better to spend ten minutes listening to a podcast, calling a friend, or watching one third of Fleabag.
  • When the ten minutes are up, gently wipe closed eyes with a damp cotton pad to remove any remaining dye. It should only take a few swipes to remove all the black residue from the area.

Tinting Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

Tinting Your Questions Answered

No, it doesn’t hurt.

It may cause adverse effects such as scaliness, redness, itching, and permanent irritation of the eye.

No it is nor permanent, it needs to be redone in 3-6 weeks to maintain the look.

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