An injection of vitamin B12 may be prescribed by a doctor if someone’s body is having trouble absorbing it. Since shots absorption vitamin B12 does not require digestion, the body can use it immediately.  A B12 deficiency can be prevented and reversed with these supplements. The injections will raise your blood levels of vitamin B12 if you are deficient in the vitamin. Your body absorbs B12 most effectively from injections; they work quickly. A new batch of red blood cells will be made by your body within 48 to 72 hours. Several weeks may be needed for mild deficiencies before you notice the full impact of two or three injections. 


B12 must be injected regularly by people who cannot absorb it. Within the first week, five to seven injections may be given to patients with severe symptoms.


Injecting 100 mcg of B12 every day for a week, every other day for another week, and once a month for the following month is what is recommended. Once a month, 100 mcg must be injected as long as you live.


t is generally believed that B12 injections are very safe. The risks are generally low. Some people, however, may experience side effects as a result of an allergic reaction or sensitivity.


Treatment for vitamin B12 deficiency can take up to six to twelve months.


A response is seen within 48 to 72 hours, including an increase in red blood cells.



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  • A subcutaneous injection involves injecting B12 into the fatty tissue beneath the skin.
  • The syringe should be filled with medication after you have cleaned your hands and the injection site.
  • When you pull the syringe slightly, make sure there is no air or blood trapped inside.
  • Intramuscular injections should be injected at a 90-degree angle.
  • Be careful not to touch the needle in the process of injecting and use a new needle and syringe for every injection.

Vitamin B12 Injections Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

Vitamin B12 Injections Your Questions Answered

Several factors prevent people from absorbing vitamins from food or supplements, including inflammation, poor gut health, and a lack of intrinsic factors – glucose proteins produced in the stomach that are essential for B12 absorption. Nutrients are delivered intramuscularly directly to the cells, ensuring instantaneous absorption.

Our shots have different effects on different people. It usually takes about one week for the effects to wear off. Only vitamin B12 can be stored in the body as a water-soluble nutrient, so whatever your body doesn’t use immediately will be stored. When your B12 stores are full, the B12 your body does not require is excreted in the urine. This may cause the urine to appear pink in color.

Definitely. The injection solutions we use contain natural medicines-vitamins, minerals, amino acids-but anything that can be injected into the body (including saline solution) is Rx-only!

  • Our doctor will administer the shot to you. The purpose of this appointment is to allow you to have Rx-only natural medications injected into your body during a brief doctor’s visit. You will be required to complete and e-sign an informed consent, which includes your legal and correct name and date of birth (verified by your photo ID). Should you falsify this information, we may refuse you as a client and may prevent you from being able to make reservations.

No. Some of our shots contain only a small amount (0.9%) of benzyl alcohol, a natural preservative that’s generally considered safe except for people with benzyl alcohol allergies (rare) and nursing mothers as B12 (and benzyl alcohol) pass into breast milk. Commercially manufactured B12 or injectable solutions containing parabens are not used. There are usually three times as many parabens in commercially. There are frequently three times as many parabens in commercially available vitamin B12 solutions for injection as there are of vitamin B12 itself, resulting in a toxic cocktail of preservatives. The products we use are “clean” and cruelty-free!

There are usually no or minimal side effects. After the injection, you might experience discomfort, bruises, redness, itchiness, swellness, or bruising at the injection site for a few minutes to several days. There are times when patients may feel lightheaded, nauseated, fatigued, drowsy, dizzy, warm or flushed. Allergic reactions are rare.

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