A hair colourist or hair dryer changes a person’s hair colour. There are a number of reasons for this, including covering grey hair, changing colour to make it more fashionable or desirable, or restoring the original colour after it has been discoloured through sun bleaching or hairdressing processes. Demonstration colours contain an alkaline agent, rather than ammonia, and, while always applied with a developer, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the developer may be lower than in permanent colours. It is necessary to mix permanent hair colour with a developer or oxidising agent in order to permanently change the hair colour. Our industry experts perform all types of services at Binishaz.


Colouring hair can take up to 3 hours (shampooing, massaging, dying, finishing) depending on the type of dye (permanent, semi-permanent or ordinary).


One has to repeat the technique in 3-4 months to maintain the desired look.


It might lead to hair fall issues at times.


It comes to normal after 3-4 months.




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Hair Treatment

Hair services within this category include Hair Cuts, Hair Colors, Hair Highlights, and Olaplex Deep Conditioning. Providing the best advice based on years of experience, Binishaz nurtures and cares for clients’ hair.


  • As a starting point, you must consider the colour of your natural hair when choosing the colour you want. Even if your hair is already colored, you should consider your options for temporary, semi permanent, and permanent colours.
  • Colour sprays and rubs are temporary colours because they only last until the next time you wash your hair. The colours of demi-permanent fabrics fade with every wash, lasting up to 28 washes. Colours like this affect only the darkening of hair, not the lightening.
  • The last option I will be using is a permanent colour. There is no guarantee that this type will fade, so even if it does, it will remain in the hair. Depending on what level you wish to achieve with permanent colour, different developers can be used. For example, with the right developer, permanent colour can be used to lighten hair.
  • A good rule of thumb when selecting a colour is to always choose a shade lighter than what you wish to achieve, so if you want a 5N, use a 6N instead. Having applied hair colour myself, I can attest that the colour will turn darker. A dark colour may have to be bleached in order to become a lighter shade.
  • Natural hair can be painted and the natural pigment can be removed without bleaching; however, colored hair cannot be painted or removed without bleaching. It is always unfortunate when you decide to purchase a new colour only to discover that it will not create the desired effect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Colour Your Questions Answered

The hair of a blonde contains a lot of colour pigment, and it is generally more porous than other hair colours, so whatever it is soaked in will absorb into it. In the swimming pool, the chlorine can leave blonde hair with a nasty green tint due to the oxidation of copper and iron in the water. Imagine rust forming when it rains!

Colour pigments for red are smaller molecules in size than other colours, as a result they fade faster, especially if they are exposed to the sun, as they bleach and soften. Colour brands offer a variety of intense reds, which provide longer lasting results.

In theory, colouring the hair regularly should not have any adverse effects as long as it is done professionally and the client maintains its condition between treatments. Advice on how to maintain colour at home is a great way to promote your retail ranges!

A professional hair colorist’s job is to create the perfect blend of colour for the client, based on factors like the base colour of the hair, and what colour already exists on the hair. There is a risk with high street hair colour – it is a one-size-fits-all solution and does not come with professional expertise.

Chemists open the cuticle of the plant, allowing the colour molecules to move into the cortex and swell until they become trapped. Cuticles need to close again to lock in pigment and keep up the colour result. To maintain a long-lasting colour result, aftercare is crucial during the first two weeks after any colour treatment.

Salon insurance requires that a skin test be conducted 48 hours before any colour treatment, as manufacturers recommend. As a client can develop an allergy at any time, regularly conduct skin tests on existing clients, as well.

A substance identified by the body as harmful is considered an allergy by the body. In response, the body produces antibodies that will fight the substance if it is reintroduced.

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