A LVL treatment simply involves straightening the root of your natural lashes using a setting serum, then tinting your lashes to make them appear curled. A lash treatment brought to you by Nouveau Lashes, LVL lashes give you gorgeous, natural-looking lashes with a premium lash lift and tint. Your lashes will be straightened from the root to give them a voluminous, uber-curled appearance with a special serum. A tint closes the deal. The products of Nouveau Lashes are hypo-allergenic and gentle on your lashes. You may think that you actually prefer the natural look of your lashes, but that’s the beauty of the treatment, it accentuates your natural appearance. 


It takes 45 minutes to complete this procedure.


One can do LVL Lashes Treatment every 6-8 weeks.


The procedure may cause skin irritation. To prevent keratin glue from getting on your skin, protective pads are placed along your lash line. However, this technique isn't 100% reliable.


The lashes come to a normal after 6 weeks.


After 48 hours after the treatment the results are visible.



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Binishaz offers a variety of beauty treatments aimed at enhancing your beauty, allowing you to glow from inside out with confidence and grace. This segment covers threading, tinting, bleaching, and more.


  • The company is obviously very careful when it comes to the safety of the treatment, since it concerns such a sensitive area of the body; because of this, patch testing is required before the treatment takes place.
  • You will be asked to fill out a client record card as soon as you arrive at your saA hair net is applied over your hair and a headband is applied to your forehead while you are lying comfortably on the table. As you will see below, this headband transforms into a small area to hold the technician’s tools and dyes for easier application of the treatment. As a next step, your lashes will be cleaned with eye makeup remover and cotton pads.
  • Before the treatment, the lashes are also cleaned with a Protein Remover Pad to ensure no oils or residue remains.
  • Over the lower lashes, treatment pads are placed under the eyes. Essentially, this prevents the lower lashes from being caught in the curling process – because let’s face it, that would look awful. In addition to being comfortable, the sticky pads ensure that the lower lashes are pressed down to the skin during treatment. Do not worry, the pad sits up to the water line, not directly on the water line.
  • As you can see, the treatment involves pressing the lashes around silicone pads that look like scalloped shields on your eyelids. There is a bonding formula applied to the lashes, they are dyed for a beautiful outcome and then ylon. As the technician listens to you talk through various ailments you may or may not have, he or she will be able to better understand your health.
  • our lashes are removed from the shields, forming the shape of the curled shields. The result is curled lashes.
  • The procedure can now begin after your shields have been applied. Using a small metal tool, the technician will press the eyelashes back onto the bonding gel after applying a light layer of bonding gel to the shield. Your eyelashes will stick to the shield as a result of gently pulling them backward.
  • The technician now applies a Lifting balm after all of the lashes have been neatly bonded. A disulphide bond in hair determines the shape, and the balm breaks it down. During a later application, the technician will be able to change the shape and structure of the hair as a result of breaking down the shape of the hair.

LVL Lashes Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

LVL Lashes Your Questions Answered

Not at all. The LVL treatment is relaxing for most clients.

An average treatment lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.

If your natural lashes are long and good, the LVL treatment can last up to 6 weeks.

Even though LVL is a great option for many people, not everyone is suited to it. LVL is not an option for people who are allergic to the patch test or who have a medical contraindication to the treatment. Individuals with their own natural lashes can also use the procedure. Additionally, LVL may not be suitable for people with very fine or brittle lashes.

Definitely. The LVL technique is particularly good for people who want lash extensions but have downward-pointing lashes. In fact, you can have lash extensions applied to your LVL lashes as well. In addition to causing downward pointing lashes to lower, lash extensions can also cause them to curl upwards. If you use LVL before the extensions, you can get the boost you need. A 48-hour waiting period is required after LVL before lash extensions are applied.

Absolutely! Prior to LVL treatment, you are required to have a patch test for sensitivity to the products. There will be no treatment without the patch test.

The first 24 hours are crucial for taking care of your lashes. LLV lashes are usually set into place within 24 hours. Make sure you follow the instructions below during the first 24 hours.

  • Make sure your eyelashes don’t get wet
  • Applying cream to the eye area shouldn’t be done. Don’t rub your eyes/eyelashes
  • Applying mascara isn’t necessary.
  • Swimming isn’t a good idea
  • Keep your eyelashes healthy by not sleeping on them
  • You must wait 48 hours before using a sauna, steam room or facial steamer.

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