Changing a person’s hair color by using a lightener on hair color to brighten hair strands is known as highlighting or low lighting. A highlight can be either foil, hair painting, frosted, or chunked. It doesn’t matter what color you choose for your highlights, as long as they are lighter in tone than the surrounding hair. Lightened hair that has been bleached or colored permanently will remain that way until new growth appears. Lightened hair may appear fuller than it is. This is why some people choose it when they have thin, fine hair. In addition, it helps to achieve a better color balance for people with at least 50% gray hairs and it reduces the line of demarcation once permanent hair color has been applied.


In a salon, highlights can take between two and three hours. Your hair's length, the color you want, your base and the technique you choose will determine how much time it takes.


- A person can walk in when they feel the look needs to be restored.




Highlights generally last for as long as new hair is growing in. Consequently, they can't be called permanent. Rather, they can be classified as semi-permanent. Since bleach lightens hair, the bleach remains until you grow your natural hair.




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Hair services within this category include Hair Cuts, Hair Colors, Hair Highlights, and Olaplex Deep Conditioning. Providing the best advice based on years of experience, Binishaz nurtures and cares for clients’ hair.


  • Pickup the hue of highlight and the way you want to from the catalog for the hairdresser to understand.
  • Then the hairdresser mixes the necessary hue and starts coloring your hair for the perfect look that you are looking for.
  • Then the hue is left on it for an hour to hour and a half then washed up with premium quality shampoo for best results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Highlight Your Questions Answered

Low-maintenance highlights are a popular styling technique. Individuals who want to subtly alter their hair color without having to touch up their roots often should consider them.

Your stylist needs to understand your expectations. Be sure to bring pictures of celebrity hairstyles that you like. Specify whether you want subtle highlights or clearly visible highlights when you consult with your stylist. If you decide to return to the salon for touch-ups frequently, your stylist can tailor your look to be even more low-maintenance!

Definitely! Gray hair is becoming increasingly popular these days. Gray hair can be styled with highlights without having to cover it entirely. Lowlights and highlights can be combined. For brunettes, darker lowlights like espresso can look good. You can complement the gray in your hair with both highlights and lowlights if you’re a blonde or redhead.

We will be happy to help you find the right products to care for your highlighted hair. Use gentle shampoo and conditioner that have been professionally recommended. Additionally, avoid excessive heat styling.

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