Resurfacing with lasers is a procedure used to reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities such as acne scars and blemishes.  Fine lines appear less visible after laser resurfacing. In addition, scars and sun damage can be treated and your complexion improved. Thermal energy is generated by the laser, which is transmitted deep into the skin. In addition to vaporizing damaged skin, lasers stimulate the body’s natural healing process, stimulating collagen production and cell regeneration to reveal plump, glowing skin. Almost immediately after your first laser treatment, you may notice improvement. With each subsequent treatment, you may experience even greater results


Depending on the size of the target area and the quantity of hair you need to remove, a laser hair removal session can take up to two hours for both face and body.


It takes six to eight treatments to see optimal results, but most people see results after the very first treatment.


There are rare instances in which laser hair removal can cause blistering, crusting, scarring, or other skin changes. On darker skin, you may also experience graying of treated hair or excessive hair growth around treated areas.


The treatment is permanent.


Your hair doesn't fall out instantly; it takes a few days or weeks to shed them. At first glance, it may appear that you're growing more hair. Laser treatment works best when applied to hair follicles in the new-growth stage since hair growth and loss naturally occur in cycles.


Inhalational anesthetics have been recommended over total intravenous anesthesia (TIVA). It is not only dangerous for patients, but also for operating room staff when laser surgery is performed.


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Permanent Hair Removal

Binishaz is the one stop solution for all your concerns regarding Permanent Hair Removal treatments. It provides the best products and services for your hair. We provide Laser (Face & Body) and Electrolysis treatments in this section.


  • We will place protective eye shields over your eyes to protect your corneas and retinas before your laser hair removal treatment. A few millimeters above the skin surface will be trimmed from the hair that is undergoing treatment. Cold gels or special cooling devices will be used to protect the outer layers of your skin. Moreover, it will facilitate the penetration of laser light through the skin, making the treatment more effective.
  • Low-energy laser beams are used most often for hair removal, which will be customized to your skin color and the color, thickness, and location of the hair that needs to be removed. The first step is to direct a test pulse light to the treatment area. By passing a low-energy laser beam through your skin, a percentage of hair follicles that are actively growing are absorbed. The area will be observed for any adverse reactions to treatment and to ensure that the settings are correct.
  • After passing the test, the laser beam is systematically directed to the treatment areas spot-by-spot, instantly and permanently disabling active hair follicles with each treatment. Treatment has no effect on dormant follicles. In addition to ice packs or cold water, you may receive anti-inflammatory creams or lotions to soothe inflamed areas after the procedure.
  • A series of sessions is necessary to achieve optimal results. In general, three to eight treatments are needed initially, but you can expect additional treatments in the future, especially if you have endogenous hormone secreting states or use exogenous hormones.
  • Based on factors like your age, gender, hair type, and hair growth pattern, as well as the area of your body being treated, most surgeons recommend treatments every four to eight weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Your Questions Answered

Depending on the patient, this can vary. Many laser treatments are necessary to permanently remove hair. For example, patients typically undergo laser hair removal between 4 and 6 times per year. If you need another treatment, your dermatologist knows when it’s okay. A small amount of hair grows back for most patients. When laser treatments can be safely performed, your dermatologist can tell you.

Numerous skin, hair, and nail conditions can be treated with lasers. Laser medicine has made great advances in recent years. It has been led by dermatologists.

Laser hair removal has become safer for more people. Prior to laser hair removal, only those with light skin and dark hair were eligible for the procedure. Currently, laser hair removal is available for both patients with light-colored hair and fair skin, as well as patients with darker skin. However, these patients must undergo the procedure carefully. In order to perform laser hair removal safely and effectively, dermatologists know what precautions to take.

There is generally no downtime associated with laser hair removal. The treated area of your skin will be red and swollen immediately after laser hair removal. You can, however, continue with your daily activities.

Results are likely to be apparent immediately after treatment. Each patient will experience different results. The type and color of laser, area treated, and color of your skin all affect the outcome. After the first treatment, a 10% to 25% reduction in hair can be expected. Typically, patients need between two and six laser treatments in order to get rid of their hair. Usually, the treated skin remains hairless for several months or even years after finishing the treatments. The amount of hair tends to decrease when it regrows. It is also thinner and lighter colored when it regrows.

Many patients do not develop hair for months or even years. Hair growth may make the condition less noticeable when it regrows. A patient may require maintenance laser treatments in order to keep the area hair-free.

Patients respond differently to this. Laser hair removal requires several treatments. Laser hair removal can be performed once every four to six weeks for most patients. If you need another treatment, you should consult your dermatologist. You may see some hair growth following this treatment. Laser treatments can be safely performed by your dermatologist to maintain results.

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