In a hair smoothing procedure, a formaldehyde solution is used to saturate the hair. Using a heating iron, they are straightened by saturating the hair, drying it out, and sticking it straight. To use formaldehyde requires expert supervision because it is a lethal concoction. Hair smoothing does not alter the structure of the hair drastically as opposed to hair straightening. Those considering hair straightening can take advantage of this quick fix.  Smoothening gives you straight hair and smoothness as an added benefit, while straightening gives you poker-straight hair and smoothness as an added benefit. . At Binishaz there are experts to guide you through the process and help you after it too.


It takes about 4-5 hours for this process.


It’s a permanent procedure.




It’s a permanent procedure.




Not Applicable


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Hair Treatment

Hair services within this category include Hair Cuts, Hair Colors, Hair Highlights, and Olaplex Deep Conditioning. Providing the best advice based on years of experience, Binishaz nurtures and cares for clients’ hair.


  • First, your hair will be washed and conditioned.
  • After the hair is straightened, the stylist will apply a solution and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. This will straighten the hair.
  • Blow-dry your hair after washing off the cream.
  • After the hair is straightened, it is flat-ironed at a high temperature.
  • After the ironing effect has been sealed, apply another cream for 15- 20 minutes
  • Once the hair is washed and blown dry, you’re done.

Hair Smoothening Before and After

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair Smoothening Your Questions Answered

Shiny and healthier hair is the result of “The Best” treatment. Softer hair is another benefit. Hair looks so good after Keratin treatments because it contains so many nutrients.

It takes up to five months for “The Best” to work, maybe longer if hair isn’t washed regularly. The treatment isn’t permanent and eventually washes out. It will take longer for the keratin to be washed out the more you wash the hair.

Different hair types exist.  These treatments make it easier and faster to manage them. Others may need to heat their hair to achieve a straighter result, while others may be able to “wash & go”.  For a realistic picture of the results you can expect, you may want to have your hairdresser perform a strand test before undergoing the treatment.

Colored, highlighted, relaxed, bleached, permed and virgin hair can all benefit from this treatment.

A It is possible to remove the treatment with shampoo containing sodium chloride; however, it is not permanent like other chemical straighteners.

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